2017 - Design, Branding

halpe is an Argentinan-based artist and friend who came to me looking for a rebrand, EP artwork, and a new website. Our work was never finished, but I enjoyed what we worked on, so I figure I’d feature our outcomes here with permission. He told me beforehand that it was a ‘maybe’ thing anyway, but I wanted to do something pretty cool.

My favorite point of the project was the ‘HAL’ call sign which consists of a modified font, the challenge was to achive something “gothic” but futuristic, although later mockups would be aimed at something more chaotic. The text attempts to match the identity - ‘HAL’ attempts to represent the look of medieval Rotunda script while stenceling it’s self, and combining to create a cut, technical look while also matinaining a shape. My goal was to not only create that ‘look’ that represents halpe, but something that you can always recongize.

A bigger plan was to have that call sign on a closeup portrait of a character wearing ski goggles, call sign being placed on it like a manufacturer of the ski goggles.