2018 - Design, Typeface

Monoco was my third, but honest attempt in making a typeface.

Monoco originally started as a lower-case only font as I just wanted to practice moving an idea that I see in my head into a font face instead of just ‘mAkInG a fOnT’, but eventually my will to see it expand got to me. It was a really exciting font to think about!

This came about from ‘Gunpla’, Black steel (more from cars) and Trance music. These three things can be ‘hyper’ but detailed to me, and I wanted to embed that into a font. Something square and strict, but still exciting around it’s edges giving a ‘hyper’ feeling that I get from all three things, I imagine these attributes could allow a face to be put on steel, like Aircraft registration for example. Eventually, I made a sketch that brought these thoughts to life.